Personal Training Business Adelaide – $0 To Six Figures

Scale your personal training business from $0 to six figures in Adelaide. Here’s how!

So you have started a personal training business in Adelaide–great!–you are in for endless opportunities and earning potential. But the big question is – can you infinitely scale your business?

Probably you set out some business goals years ago when you became a personal trainer. Whether it was financial freedom, work flexibility or career satisfaction, you had a big plan in mind. Over the years you have been able to accomplish these goals. But your business is still lagging behind financially.

Obviously, you want to grow your business into a 6-figure business. And the good news is that you can successfully achieve this without running yourself into the ground.

Ready to scale your business from $0 to six figures? Here’s how!

Offer online personal training

Go online; it is that plain and simple. Personal training has been an in-home, in-gym, and in- person activity over the years. Trainers oversee client workouts. Offer one-on-one personal coaching. And provide encouragement during a training session.

But it’s about time to spice things up. Thanks to recent advances in technology, fitness instructors and personal trainers can now offer personal training services online. By embracing this wave, you’ll no longer be limited by your business location or training hours.

Clients benefit too. They can maintain a fit, healthy lifestyle without having to sign-up for a gym membership.

Online personal training is a growing trend and adopting personal trainer software can help set your business apart from your competitors. Additionally, you get the necessary tools to provide better client experience.

Keep in touch

Hours well spent in the gym or studio are not enough to keep track of your client’s personal needs and goals. You need to track the progress of your client and support him/her, both inside and outside the gym. This calls for consistent communication between the two of you. In fact, clients tend to pick and stick to a personal trainer who constantly checks in on them. You can even get a personal training reminder software to make like easier for yourself.

Touch base with clients by scheduling regular check-ins throughout the month. Or set up reminders to reach your clients on a daily basis. This helps them focus on their fitness goals. Stick to their exercise routine. And maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Once you show your clients you are deeply concerned about their health and fitness, they’ll love you more. Trust you more. And hire you more. Gym To You – personal trainers Adelaide have a great reputation for taking this sort of approach when it comes to handling their clients.  If you’re needing a mobile personal trainer expert in South Australia check out more resources on their Adelaide Instagram.

Market your services

Most people who seek personal training services usually find their trainer through referrals from a family member or friend. Others prefer to search for personal trainers online. Well, this tries to show you that traditional marketing methods do not work anymore.

Avoid spending huge amounts of money on TV adverts, Yellow pages, or radio commercials. Instead, let your clients know that you are accepting – and open to referrals. Also, make sure to enlist your areas of expertise/specialisation on your website and business cards.

Set a pricing structure

While your goal as a personal trainer is to make a living out of your services, you should be confident and justified on how you present your rates. Pricing is an important factor when finding a trainer and you don’t want to lose out on potential customers.

Therefore set your prices according to the services you are providing. Remember different clients have different interests. Therefore understanding which prices are reasonable – and what your clientele expects to pay – will enable you to foster your sales.

You may also enjoy the video below on some other insights into growing your personal trainer client base:

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Absolute Health And Fitness In The Grand Perception

It seems all anybody ever talks about these days is a life of absolute health and fitness. Questions abound about the latest and greatest diets and exercises.

Although there are a great number of resources out there, everybody seems as confused about health and fitness as ever before.

With the number of overweight or obese individuals in the Australia at over half, it appears few actually adhere to a healthy lifestyle.

With statistics like this, it seems most people believe eating junk food and spending most of the day sitting in front of a computer or TV is easier than making a salad or going for a brisk walk.

But is it really easier?

When you add up the money spent on junk food, and the health problems that being overweight causes, the easiest way to go through life is certainly not being unhealthy.

Unfortunately, old habits die hard. But starting a lifestyle of absolute health and fitness is not impossible.

In fact, with a little commitment and discipline, you can soon be well on your way to living a healthy life. And the rewards are enormous.

1. For example, living a healthy lifestyle can make you enjoy life more. Take for instance the fact that, statistically, people who are healthy not only live longer but suffer from fewer illnesses than their unhealthy counterparts.

This can not only help your personal life but can also impact your profession – taking less sick days can help your work performance, meaning you‚ will be more likely to advance in your career.

2. Another example is, of course, sex appeal. Not everyone should be as skinny as models, as a healthy weight varies drastically from person to person, but that doesn’t mean you won’t still look good at a healthy weight that is right for you.

3. Furthermore, people at a healthy weight are more likely to enjoy sex, which can lead to an increased satisfaction with life. However, that doesn’t mean you should hate your body now, quite the contrary.

4. Remember, self-confidence goes a long way, and if you start looking at yourself in a positive light at the beginning of your journey, you’ll look at yourself positively at the end as well.

Given these excellent reasons, why do people still stick to their old habits? For starters, there is an unwillingness to change. After all, who would want to give up an enjoyable activity?

This is the security blanket obstacle to change, which means most people are not willing to part ways with an old habit because it provides a certain degree of comfort.

Another reason is the perceived difficulty. When many people attempt to change their lives for reasons such as health problems, relationships, or even financial concerns, they often don’t see their plans through. This is because the initial reasoning was wrong, to begin with.

The primary reason to make a lifestyle change should first and foremost be to benefit yourself. This is one of the most important steps to combat a bad habit.

In addition to this, having a support group of people making similar changes can also help you avoid giving up on your goals too soon.

It is, for this reason, many of the most successful programs for healthy living and weight loss provide a network of support for their members.

The bottom line is, if you want to live a life of absolute health and fitness, it is time to make the change. The pros greatly outweigh the cons (if there are any). To accomplish your goals, you need to fully commit to them, replace old habits with new ones, and create your own personal support system.

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